Saturday, September 10, 2016


His Twitter followers are dizzying! At over 380,000, Bobby Umar has a lot to say. And a lot of people flock to him to listen to what he has to say. 

A husband, father, motivational speaker, author, coach and online sensation, Umar’s long journey from the corporate grind to connecting with family, friends and a multitude of audiences, has connected him to his audience. Umar is a charismatic and affable man for whom people eagerly purchase tickets to hear, read his books and hire for corporate engagements. He is also a man who has strived for his own perfect work/life balance, and thinks he might just have found it!

Born in Saint John, New Brunswick, Umar worked for Bombardier after his engineering degree. This life was not fulfilling, so ever the entrepreneur, he developed an online theatre group that grew from two people to 150 in four years. Wishing to take this further into film & television, an MBA was thought to be the right direction. He had few contacts in film, so moved into marketing where work was punishing. “I was young, so I could do it”, Umar laughs about hours he worked for Kraft and then the Real Beauty” Dove campaign which he enjoyed. 

“At some point I realized I was working 60-80 hours a week for the man, and not for me”. Umar wanted a family and a work/life balance that aligned with who he was. It was at this point that friends convinced him to use his natural skills & talents to become a motivational speaker. 

Ten years on, he has a home and family in downtown Toronto. He has finally found what aligns with who he truly is. 

His corporate experiences have brought him to a place where he is connecting people, speaking, coaching and writing books that help others realize who they are and what there potential can be. His coaching is primarily for people transitioning from a career, into an entrepreneurial life, helping them take control of who they are and what their brand is. 

The subjects of his speaking engagements vary but the underlying messages are clearly focused on personal branding, digital & personal influences and networking, “Things that everyone wants”. He is currently MC at the National Speaker’s Bureau convention in Vancouver where he is also delivering his “Best 20 Minutes” on networking, how vital personal & digital connections are for everyone in the marketplace.

To say that Bobby is skilled in multitasking is an understatement! During the drive from this photoshoot, he spoke of his career path, his children, his upcoming engagements, all the while dealing with issues at his children’s school on his cell phone! During it all, the smile never left his face, or the sparkle in his eyes. He is motivated and happy – and all who come near him, leave walking a little taller.

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Bobby Umar sits outside the box in the cool and calm, while the Don Valley Parkway 
overhead is clogged with people who must endure their daily grind.