Tuesday, August 16, 2016


Jennifer Huggins, the 32 year old heart and dynamic soul behind the Fight To End Cancer has had a busy year!

During the past year, Huggins, together with her partner, Virgil Barrow, the most recent of 52 boxers and a staggering number of volunteers helped raise $500,000 for cancer research for The Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation to date. The money raised was the result of a year of training for the five boxing teams which culminated in the 2016 Fight To End Cancer gala held at the Old Mill n Toronto.

A frenetic multi-tasker, Huggins continued to work with an international stage magician, oversaw operations at her boxing gym and managed the Fight To End Cancer preparations all the while travelling internationally as a boxing referee and judge around the world.

The International Boxing Association called upon Huggins to be a judge and a referee at international boxing events including Olympic qualifying fights in Rio de Janeiro. She was also sent to officiate in Cameroon, Bulgaria, Venezuela, South Korea, Taipei and Kazakhstan. To say this would exhaust anyone would be an understatement, especially given the fact that her life in boxing came about after a broken neck sidelined a blossoming career as a competitive figure skater when she was only 14 years of age.

Recently, Huggins has become involved in working with youth and women, focusing on self-protection and self-defence. She empowers women by instilling in them the courage to speak out and prevent situations from becoming problems while giving them the skills to protect themselves.