Thursday, January 7, 2016


With an uncontrollable smile, Meghan Pelley is one of those rare people who love their job so much, she does not hold back when she says she has, "The best job ever"!

As a groom, Meghan takes care of the breeding horses and racing stallions. "I love it, I can't imagine doing anything else," she says of her eight years at the stable and her passion for horses. 

Mehgan has her own horse boarded about 10 minutes away. Her horse is a "hunter" which is a sport horse that jumps fences, unlike the jumper competitions one would see at the Olympics. Hunters have to be perfect throughout the year at competition and points are awarded cumulatively, not by individual competition. "You can take your time, it's all about accuracy, not speed," she describes as one of the differences between hunter and jumper competitions.

"Mr. Scotty is my favourite! He has such a personality. As soon as I come in every morning, he's the first to greet me with really loud excited neahs! He's super obnoxious," she says laughing as she describes the 14 year old thoroughbred while he stands nuzzling and playing with her.

Having to retire early, Mr. Scotty is a breeding stallion who has produced several very successful offspring who also share the same private stable of 100 horses.

MOST PROUD MOMENT: "This year I came second in the A-circuit competitions this past year, I'm pretty proud of that"! With feed, just out of reach of some of the horses, she tickles Mr. Scotty's nose and says good-buy and continues with the dream job of a lifetime.