Tuesday, December 1, 2015


The streets are dark and the chill in the air accompanies the light drizzle. Inside the NightOwl bar which is closed on Mondays, Amanda Maccagnan and her painting partner, Vera, are finishing an ambitious project. An highly accomplished stained glass artist in Toronto, Ontario​, this painting commission is a new form of expression for Amanda. Something much larger and not 3-dimensional. Painting and drawing is nothing new for Amanda, she has been drawing for years, her work bursts with colour at times, and is deeply moving at others. Tonight, Amanda Maccagnan​ finishes a wall which features the large faces of a man, an owl and a woman. The work has taken three days and they will work late into the night to complete it.

If you wish to see here work, please visit: www.amandamaccagnan.com