Sunday, November 1, 2015


Four countries, two continents, one couple and an enthusiastic Hello! The Hello Project met up with Nicolas Papachristidis and Eila in a ghost town in Nevada, just outside Death Valley. A betting man could have fun with those odds. Now consider Nicolas, who lives in London, England is half Greek, a quarter Indian and a quarter Chinese!

A ship broker, Nicolas comes by this honestly as his father was also into shipping. Moving oil around the world for major oil companies and traders, his business is a grown-up version of a kid’s dream job. With a hearty laugh and a friendly smile he jokes and says shipping is the family business!

“Bicycling and being together,” Eila says of their reason for being here in the United States. Part of a Backroads cycling tour, they, along with other cyclists and a van festooned with bikes and accessories follows them through the challenging heat, hills and desert roads.

Getting married next year, they have been commuting and seeing each other for three years bouncing back and forth between New York and Europe. From Helsinki, Finland, Eila is everything one imagines, beautiful, bright, warm and charming. “You must come to Finland. But only in the summer months,” she offers, "People are friendly, in a good mood - winter is too dark and cold,” she says laughing about her home country.

Having lived in Switzerland, Paris and Germany, Eila has lived in New York for the past 18 years where she works for a financial firm. She will move back to Europe where they will get married in Helsinki and finally find a place to call home together.

Down the road the group of cyclists have started to move. Nicolas and Eila leave the strange ghost town house made of bottles and head toward their group and on to their bikes to explore more of these parts of the United States.