Saturday, April 11, 2015


Born in Cape Town, South Africa and raised by a single mom for most of her life, Shireen Fabing helped to her raise her younger brother and sister.

Shireen started her career in Public Relations/Marketing in Cape Town. She and her husband moved to Canada in 2002 to be close to family where she continued her PR work. Shireen went back to college and one day found herself covering exciting events and concerts for a few years.

A friend talked Shireen into going to a boxing conditioning class with her 10 years ago and she was hooked. After years of training, she entered her first amateur fight in 2013 where she took part in the Fight to End Cancer. That year she fought for her surviving "second mom" in South Africa and others touch by cancer.

2013 was a year of firsts, she also became a mom, adopting an 18 month old girl. “Life has changed in so many amazing ways, what an incredible journey. She’s my ray of sunshine and my light at the end of every tunnel."

Shireen recently lost another significant person in her life to cancer. Together with her own family and her boxing family, she is more determined than ever to help “kick cancer’s ass”.

SHIREEN FUN FACT: According to her husband, people think Shireen has the hardest, meanest looking mug, but what they don't know is that she has a huge heart and that she is really a softie!


Friday, April 10, 2015


Jeff grew up and lives just outside Toronto but his work is beginning to be seen and admired by many in the city.

A quiet guy with an eye for design, Jeff Mack has found his passion. The path to get here was an interesting one. Initially interested in joining the police force through the Police Foundations course, Jeff turned to expressing himself through the tactile beauty of steel and wood.

Live edge is the term used for exposing and preserving the outer edges of a tree in furniture design. Jeff designs and builds exquisite furnishings in custom steel and wood, specializing in live edge tables.

From Hero Sushi in Toronto to Leatherfoot men’s shoes in Yorkville, a men’s clothing store in Oakville and other retail spaces, Jeff’s are something to behold. Deeply grained heartwood contrasting with polished or brushed steel butterfly joints are one of the design elements that make his furnitures pieces unique. You can check out more of his work here:

JEFF FUN FACT: Though he no longer has the time to hit the green every day, he is proud to have hit a hole-in-one! 


Thursday, April 9, 2015


Born and raised in Peterborough, Ontario, Kathleen Doody was landlocked. But after moving to Toronto to attend York University and receiving her Bachelor of Fine Arts, she discovered the island life. 

A short ferry ride away from downtown Toronto (when the ice was not plugging the harbour) is Ward’s Island, where a small community of people live in wooden cottage style homes looking back at the sprawling city skyline.

A career in graphic arts and editorial design has seen Kathleen win many awards. She was one of the designers who contributed to The Toronto Star newspaper's award-winning style and bold design. Both the paper and Kathleen have moved on. Kathleen is now involved into more three dimensional forms of creating. 

From 2D to 3D, Kathleen has built theatre props, designed costumes and is making a name for herself creating elaborate pebble mosaics for public and civic spaces as well as commissioned private installations. Take the ferry to Ward’s Island and you will discover the 12-foot wide pebble mosaic installation at Willow Square.

Living on a small island can give one cabin fever after a while, so travel is essential. She has lived for periods ranging from six months to two years in Scotland, France, Italy and Japan.

KATHLEEN FUN FACT: Always a passionate swimmer, Kathleen has recently returned from the Bahamas where she jumped into the deep to swim with sharks and dolphins in the wild.


Wednesday, April 8, 2015


An angelic sweetness follows Laura Indovina as she walks, gaze down, through the wind and an early spring snow fall. At only 27 years of age, she knows the meaning of life.

When Laura was 11 years she was diagnosed with Hodgkin's Lymphoma, a relatively rare form of cancer. The road ahead was not going to be pleasant for this young girl. To help in her recovery and give her some comfort, Abbey a Maltese puppy became part of her life.

Five years as a labour and delivery nurse, Laura has been cancer free for 14 years and is full of life. So is the puppy she was given to keep her company through her treatments.

With a man in her life and a love of travel, she is getting married soon and will take time to explore Europe, sharing a love of travel and exploring.

LAURA FUN FACT: Laughing, she says, "I'm a neat freak"! She is highly organized and keeps hospital supplies and staff organized in maternity ward of the hospital -  the happiest part of the hospital!


Tuesday, April 7, 2015


Playfully relieved to be holding a Hello card rather than his wife's colourful purse - which he had to earlier when her photo was being taken - Khalid Jabbar is all smiles which are never far from the surface.

Khalid arrived in Toronto in 1997 from Karachi, Pakistan - one side of an arranged marriage in which both are happy and at ease.

Since arriving in Canada, Khalid has been providing I.T. infrastructure solutions for small and medium-sized companies. He laughs in agreement when told he is one of those people the world cannot do without.

When Khalid has time, he loves watching all sports and is a huge cricket and squash fan. Sadly sidelined from a small sports injury, he longs to get back in the squash courts and running about the cricket pitch.

KHALID FUN FACT: He is the proud dad to three children and smiles as he admits to getting flustered and speaking too quickly when his children are getting on him and teasing him!


Monday, April 6, 2015


Born in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Jennifer Wells grew up with an appreciation for story telling. Her father was a dedicated newspaper editor and this love of journalism has made her one of Canada’s finest feature writers today.

Passionate, driven, interminable and caring. These are some of the characteristics that define Jennifer and allow her to lift up an otherwise ignored story and give it life and purpose.

Jennifer has been on the front lines of significant stories such as the Bre-X gold scandal, the trial of Conrad Black and author of the ebook, That Polio Season.

Jennifer is an award winning journalist with a unique set of skills. She is as adept at eviscerating corporate wrongdoing as she is at compassionately honouring the stories of those who have suffered.

This is a particularly potent combination as seen in her epic Toronto Star feature, The Ghosts of Bhopal. It is an example of revealing corporate injustice which caused a generation of misery in India at the hands of a transnational. A story for which she is nominated for a National Newspaper Award. Part of getting this story saw her sleeping in the same slum where thousands lost their lives from a Union Carbide gas leak.

JENNIFER FUN FACT: At the age of 30 she quit her job as managing editor of Canadian Business magazine, bought a round the world ticket, and travelled using only a small bag she could tuck under the seat. She’s twice as old as that now, but just as restless.


Sunday, April 5, 2015


Back slaps, fist bumps, smiles and a welcoming callout greet him as he walks into the gym. Peter Temoche is in the house.

Born in Toronto to Spanish parents from South America. Mom from Uruguay, dad from Peru, Peter is at ease in any situation and culture. From the firehouse in Burlington, Ontario where loves being a firefighter, to the boxing ring, the cultures of serving and fighting are strong with Peter.

Peter has been boxing for five years at the Kingsway Boxing Club. He has been a part of The Fight To End Cancer since it began four years ago. He participated in the gala fights to raise money for cancer research in years one and three, “One of the best experiences of my life” he says. This year, volunteering as a sparing partner for the latest group of fighters, he is loving the fact the fight pressure is off.

Peter also enjoyed drawing, often bringing his sketch book with him wherever he goes. Today he has shown up at the gym with his latest creation, white boxing gloves with pen & ink skeletal drawings of the bones of the hand which are as detailed & well executed as they are intimidating!

PETER FUN FACT: He had a short stint as a tattoo apprentice years ago but decided he would rather be a canvas than a practitioner. He now designs tattoos for other people. 

BOXING FUN FACT: Once while shadow boxing he actually punched himself in the face - a full-on right to the nose! Nobody saw it and it hurt like hell but he was laughing so much it was worth the upper-cut!