Saturday, March 7, 2015


After the 16-hour flight to Hong Kong from Toronto, and longer than that for Thomas Merk from Montreal, The Hello Project found him picking up his bags in the Hong Kong international airport.

Thomas moved to Canada in 2011 with his Canadian wife and now live Montreal with their 5-year old son.

Thomas is here on business, a family-run fashion business which was founded and named after his great grandfather Bruno Barthel. The business still has 140 employees in Germany and together the company makes pretty sweet hats and mitts for babies under the Maximo brand.

Hong Kong is just the beginning of Thomas’ journey. After meeting with suppliers and customers who carry their brand, he is off to several more countries before returning to Canada.

THOMAS FUN FACT: At age 16 his love of restoring vintage scooters began with the 1964 Vespa 50N. He now has a collection of seven Vespa scooters.


Friday, March 6, 2015


There may be a few sparodic days in the next short while. Today I am traveling to China for four days on business to photograph for a client. I will try to shoot and post as much as I can, but due to the compressed time I am traveling and quick trip, I may fall behind a little!

Please keep checking this blog post for updates:) I greatly appreciate those who follow this blog and will try to keep it going without too much interruption due to this assignment.

While I'm away, don't forget to say a big Hello to a random stranger each day!

Thursday, March 5, 2015


Melissa is downtown today, waiting for some friends to do some shopping and hang out. They plan on going to a club to meet up with some other friends. Melissa saw that the Hello Project was shooting portraits and thought it would be cool to join in and hopefully be featured one day! Today is it Melissa!


Wednesday, March 4, 2015


Rhys was a born and raised in Toronto. Growing up, like many youth, he took to snowboarding in it’s early days. In Ontario one could only snowboard at a few resorts and even then, were very much the outcasts on the hills. As years passed his passion for boarding drove him to seek bigger mountains and more challenging terrain. 

At 27 the call of the mountains got the better of him. Rhys pulled up stakes and headed west. Fortunately the woman he had just met decided to take the plunge and moved with him. After spending four years in Vancouver shredding the nearby mountains and getting married, they returned to Ontario to be closer to family. 

Rhys is now proud of his white picked fence, young son, dog, and of course a fine collection of snowboards. Rhys works for Fujifilm Canada after a career that transitioned from photography to graphic design and art direction. He is now involved with social media community management at Fuji. Rhys credits his career choices to growing up in the snowboard and skateboard culture. Always inspired by the images and designs in the boarding magazines, they led him to photography. 

RHYS FUN FACT: He was a competitive power tumbler, competing at the national level. He tried getting back into it a year ago and was surprised to find that he had the moves. But the following day his body reminded him that he was not 13 anymore!


Tuesday, March 3, 2015


In the Beijing airport, one must avoid standing in the way of passengers racing for their flights! Lucky for Chuck, here, he is up against the wall as passengers run past him.

Chuck Chiang is here in Beijing to fly to Tibet with other journalists from Canada. He is the Online Editor and journalist for the Vancouver Sun newspaper.

Throughout the Tibetan part of the trip, Chuck was always an enthusiastic participant, wanting to experience anything and everything so that he can tell his readers of his adventures. And he did! We all ate heartily and went for long evening walks to work off the meals, as well as breathing the fresh high altitude air.

CHUCK FUN FACT: During the excursion, Chuck was famous for having all his facts at hand, literally! He had a habit of writing things down on his hand, then when he got back to his hotel at night, all those notes would be transcribed to his computer!


Monday, March 2, 2015


The Hello Project seems to be a magnet for people when out in public! Here, we had a lineup of people wanting to participate in the Project. Vernie is just one of many who braved the cold and wanted to be part of the fun!

If you know Vernie or know someone who might know him, please share this post and lets find him!


Sunday, March 1, 2015


Meet Abi, one of several friends who got together downtown to check out some winter activities in Toronto. When she saw the Hello Project was at the same place - at Yonge + Dundas, she wanted to be part of the project.

Since so much was going on and many others wanted to be part of the Project, there is not much known about Abi here. So if you know her, pass this on! Even if you don't, please pass this on and let's see if social media can reach out to and locate her. Perhaps this way, Abi can tell us more!