Saturday, January 17, 2015


Brent loves tech! He is the kind of guy who probably loved taking the family telephone apart as a kid! He loves to build things. He has spent most of his career thus far in the security information technology area working for large global organizations. This is a guy you want to know!

Recently he recently ventured out on his own and co-founded a software start-up that will do very well! He is masterful at recognizing a need in the market and providing the solution.

Brent enjoys traveling and exploring the world and has worked on several continents. But for now, he calls Yonge & Eglinton is little piece of paradise!

BRENT FUN FACT: From taking way too many courses and exams, he now has 30 letters after his name! He now runs a company that will solve the growing problem of managing everyone’s professional credentials and take care of all those letters!


Friday, January 16, 2015


Journalist, Christl Dabu is a copy editor at Postmedia based in Hamilton, Ontario. Originally from the Philippines, Christl has worked and travelled around the world including stints for English-language publications in Egypt and China. 

A petite woman with an enchanting smile and a quiet disposition, Christl is also a traveler with a huge appetite for adventure and exploration. She recently returned from Australia and New Zealand where she visited nearly two dozen cities and towns in 21 days!

CHRISTL FUN FACT: She met up with a juvenile whale shark up-close while snorkelling in the Philippines. Recently she climbed the Sydney Harbour Bridge to the summit of 440 feet! Dinky-di!


Thursday, January 15, 2015


Known mostly as O.T., Othman Kammah is a quiet man of few words, and even fewer letters! I met him a year ago and since then have learned his quiet demeanour is not to be taken lightly - he is a guy with many interests, a keen business sense and passionate about photography and exceptional time pieces - what we would simply call a watch! 

O.T. is co-founder of FujiTuesday. A group of camera enthusiasts who think nothing of loitering around a park at night in -20 degree temperatures taking pictures! Quick with a smile, and always willing to guide others, it is with mixed feelings we must say good-buy as he and his family head south to live in California. Could be worse… but I’m still thinking how!

O.T. FUN FACT: When you meet O.T., one feels he’s been there all the time. He says, "People seem to think I’m a local. Guess it pays off to be a mutt of the world”.


Wednesday, January 14, 2015


Cam is a new Torontonian who has just begun to explore the city. He squeezes in time between working at the Gladstone Hotel as a bar back and completing his Master of Civil Engineering at The University of Toronto.

In between school, the summers have brought Cam a diverse and rewarding experience planting trees across Canada. Spending most of his time in Ontario, BC and Alberta. Dodging all manner of weather and wildlife, he has lived with snow storms in July, bears, and not-so-amused moose, all the while managing to plant over 280,000 trees.

CAM FUN FACT: Cam is both colour blind and born on a leap year, making him the youngest U of T student at only 5.5 years old!


Tuesday, January 13, 2015


Born in Hong Kong, but moved to Canada as a high school student, Monisa Nandi is a living vessel for all those bucket lists! This Toronto woman has worked heavy machinery and was involved in the land preparation for Toronto’s 2015 Pan Am Games.

She is proud to say she is the first in her family to get Canadian citizenship and sends a shout-out to Bob Rae for that! 

A volunteer at the Vancouver Olympics and for this year’s Pan Am games, self-taught crocheter, card maker and hospital fundraiser Monisa isn’t exactly sitting around! There isn’t much this person hasn’t done including driving an excavator and a front-end loader, white water kayaking & rafting, sky diving, rock climbing and ice climbing. Oh, and guys… Im sure she enjoys long walks on the beach as well!

Nandi also has a dog. Because of him, she spent more than 100 hours in dog training classes and is now planning to leave a 15 year career and two degrees in science to play with dogs all day.

MONISA FUN FACT: Reflecting Canada’s multi-lingual presence, she has taken classes in Mandarin, Cantonese, Japanese, German, French and Hindi! Now THIS is someone you want with you when you go out to a restaurant!


Monday, January 12, 2015


Wearing a paisley dress, Li Ming is a striking contrast to the flat and featureless grasslands of Inner Mongolia. Her family has lived on the grassland for generations living in yurts. She is pictured here at the side of one of a few roads in the region on her way to work in the closest town.

The image of the yurts is very typical here and is a warm place to stay and live with a family. These yurts were a welcome cool retreat from the summer heat and a cool place to sleep at night. The yurts are constructed of a criss-crossed accordion stick wall like a giant playpen. They are covered with layers of canvas on the exterior, a thick layer of horsehair in the middle and a silk layer on the inside against the ornately painted fanned-out sticks giving these structures their shape.

FUN FACT: Li Ming holds her Hello card sideways because the traditional language here is written vertically.


Some of the yurts on the land of the Li family. 
They are comfortable places to rest and stay as one travels in Inner Mongolia.


Before the annual No Pants Subway Ride began, a large group of folks gathered at Toronto's Eaton Centre. A perfect opportunity to say a big HELLO to fellow No Pants participants! You can check out the No Pants feed on my other Facebook page

Please comment and pass along this blog to all your friends and help spread a jolly HELLO throughout the world! See you all next year!

Sunday, January 11, 2015


Though he would argue the Beaker character on the Muppet Show was named after him, this Beaker is named for more than just piece of laboratory glassware.

Capable of deep thought and possessing a refined sensibility, this Irishman is equally at home cruising Toronto’s Mink Mile for Tiffany accessories and mixing it up with the ne'er-do-wells at the Cherry Beach off-leash dog park where humans come in herds to loiter with their Starbucks!

A graduate of exceptional standing from When Hounds Fly, Beaker enjoys long days of meditation on his queen size bed and drags himself out to mark a bit of territory in his Bloor and Church neighbourhood.

BEAKER FUN FACT: Beaker is a social chap with a Twitter following of 240 (@peeingontoronto). He can also be found on Instagram enjoying 266 followers (wheatenpuppy). These numbers are as of today's posting.