Monday, October 12, 2015


On the River Tay is the city promoted as 'One City, Many Discoveries', tucked just clear of the North Sea. Two people are absent from Dundee Scotland, but David and Vicky are safe & sound and on vacation here in Toronto. 

Pictured here in the Music Garden at Toronto's harbour, David and Vicky are visiting the city for the first time and will head to Niagara in a few days before heading back to Scotland in a week. A quick trip, but we are happy to have them!

David is a chef at a care home in Dundee. At capacity, the facility is home for 48 residents which means he is responsible for 144 nutritious meals a day. Vicky works in retail industry responsible for electrical goods.

This photograph was taken late yesterday, on the day they arrived in Toronto, so they say goodbye and head off to do more exploring of the waterfront.

DUNDEE FUN FACT: As the city's slogan suggests, Dundee has a lot going on. It was in Dundee that explorer, Robert Scott's Antarctic ship, RSS Discovery was built and is berthed in the harbour for all to view.


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