Monday, September 21, 2015


The tall, colourful black and green butterfly flag tells you that Steve Polansky is close by. This flag is hard to miss on the west end of the Toronto beaches and is of a similar visual motif to one of his elaborate stacked kites. Frequent this area of the beach and you will often catch Steve's kite acrobatics.

Originally from Colfax, Washington, Steve's immigration to Toronto is a romantic one with interesting stops along the way. "I followed a girl here," he says of the reason he came to Canada in the early 1980's. Steve was working on a kibbutz in Israel for 10 years when he met a Canadian woman who inspired him to follow his heart. "When I arrived in Toronto, I didn't really know if Toronto was the name of the province or Ontario was"!

After arriving in Toronto, Steve worked with friends who stated a solar energy company. Having a mechanical background, Steve began his own company installing residential sky lights which he enjoyed for years. He now runs a private consulting business called, Cognitive Quitting where he helps people stop smoking by getting at the reason a person smokes and what drives them to smoke. Check him out if you need help:

Steve fell into flying kites after seeing them at the Toronto Home Show and observing them at a kite show at the Kortright Centre for Conservation. Years later, he has between 25 and 30 kites but his favourite kites to fly are Revolution kites with many angular wing shaped kites in a stacked arrangement controlled with two sets of spectra line. Even in very low wind, these elegant kites appear to hover without moving. Take a walk down to the beach in the evenings or on a weekend and you just may find Steve choreographing his kites in an elegant dance.

STEVE FUN FACT: Sometimes he has fun with people when flying his kites. Steve had a stuffed toy tabby cat named Rodney that he would often attach to the kite line. When Rodney was 80 in the air he looked very real indeed! Steve enjoyed the reactions of the passersby, some would laugh and  enjoy the spectacle, others would be horrified! "It was easy to tell who was uptight and who wasn't"!


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