Sunday, September 20, 2015


What do white guys know about heat? A fare question levelled at them by a heat-loving laughing Jamaican couple used to hot sauce. The answer coming from Ron and Adrienne Savoie would surprise you.

Born in Elliot Lake, Ontario, Ron was two years old when the family moved to the the small town of Neguac, a deeply Acadian community in the Canadian province of New Brunswick. Neguac claims the title of Savoie Capital of Canada, as almost every Savoie can trace their ancestry back to this area. Adrienne grew up in a dynasty town of a different sort – the General Motors capital of Ontario in Oshawa!

After a move back to Ontario the French speaking 13-year old Ron had to learn English quickly in Chatham where he spent his teenage years. After a few moves which included working as a miner for seven years, Ron met Adrienne in Oshawa. Ron, a City of Oshawa public employee and Adrienne a 30-year hair dresser retired happily to Costa Rica after a close introduced them of the Central American paradise.

It was an interest in cooking that led to developing the richly flavoured smokey hot sauce while running a tiny three-table restaurant in Costa Rica. Friends told them, and encouraged them to make more and to bring it up to Canada. They never knew then that the home made sauce would grow into a thriving business. Returning to Oshawa, they now have 15 sauces, snacks, spices and four stores! The residents of Oshawa, Pickering, Barrie, and Brantford are fortunate to find Jungle Heat hot sauces in their communities.

RON & ADRIENNE FUN FACT: "White boy don't know how to make hot sauce," a proud Jamaican woman at a trade show once teasingly told Ron and Adrienne! After being told that they have won 66 awards for their sauce, the Woman said, "No one makes sauce like my mom," and with that the challenge was on! It was after trying their hottest recipe and passing out for a short time, the woman came-to and pronounced, "This white boy knows how to make hot sauce"!

Note: If one day you see a huge hearse, emblazoned with flames rolling into your neighbourhood, take comfort in the fact that the coffin inside is ushering in hot sauce using their rolling billboard, and not the end of days!


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