Monday, September 14, 2015


"It is not that life ashore is distasteful to me. But life at sea is better."
— Sir Francis Drake

These are words by which Randy Potts, Captain of the Peerless II chooses to live.

Born in Bracebridge, Ontario, Randy has spent his adult life working on and around ships and the water so of the Muskoka region of Ontario. He was the last deckhand hired on the RMS Segwun (Gravenhurst). He worked the Segwun for a total of 18 seasons with only a three-year break when he piloted a ship on Lake Winnipeg. For five years, he was also the only Muskoka-born captain of the Segwun.

During his time as captain of the Segwun, he purchased a well-storied small fuel ship which used to deliver fuel to the cottagers of "Millionaire Row". In the day, the president of the BA oil company wanted his own fuel sold on the lakes, not that of competitor, Imperial Oil, so the the Peerless was put into service. It is said the captain of the fuel ship also delivered baking and other treats to the cottagers young and old!

Together, Randy and his wife, Debbie put their heart, soul and savings into restoring the historic fuel delivery tanker into the picturesque tour boat that it is today – complete with the BA logo still displayed on the hull.

MOST ASKED QUESTION ON BOARD: "Why do people come to Muskoka"? A frequently asked question by passengers cruising on the Peerless. ""Once it is in your blood, it's like malaria, you can't get rid of it," says Randy of the love and life he feels and lives in this beautiful part of Ontario.

The Peerless sails out of Port Carling, Ontario and runs as long as the weather is favourable. You can contact them for a daytime or sunset cruise at


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