Saturday, September 12, 2015


Two sets of friends from opposite sides of the Atlantic share time together again on this side. Happy to be together again, they playfully tease each other and laugh like kids!

Originally born in Devon, Phil has done it all! Together with his wife, Janet, they live in a small village on the edge of Dartmoor called, Bridestowe. "I've had several different lives," Phil says as he explains his various careers. He was a police officer, a welder, a painter/decorator and a truck driver. In his retirement he takes in the occasional horse race, walks and plays darts.

Janet Brattenbury, from Devon, England was a military nurse at the Dartmoor army training range. She enjoys walking together with Phil and their black lab named Gem, cooking and her two children and five grandchildren.

On this side of the pond, Marilyn grew up in north Toronto. After her two children were older, she went back to work with Yellow Pages and Bell. She became a national accounts manager for Yellow Pages for 10 years before retiring. Marilyn is a "big-time walker" walking her Rat Terrier rescue dog. The dog, who came to them from Alabama looks like a Jack Russell Terrier and not like a rat!

From East York in Toronto, hence the cap proudly displaying the letters of his high school, East York Collegiate Institute, Ken worked for the phone company climbing poles and installing switching equipment. He then went on to sell Yellow Page advertising and a short time, selling insurance. Ken makes the distinction that he goes golfing now rather than playing golf!


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