Friday, September 11, 2015


We have all been there! Mouth wide open and expected to carry on a conversation while hardened stainless steel tools are chipping away! Not so with Lucie Galerneau! Her's is a one way conversation that is both amusing and relaxing!

Born in Quebec City, Quebec, Lucie Is a dental hygienist at the One Yonge Dental office in downtown Toronto. 20 years ago, she broke the news to her mother in Quebec that she was heading to English speaking Canada and here she has been ever since.

Arriving from Quebec, the effervescent Lucie spoke very little English but found a job immediately as there was a demand for good well trained hygienists. The move to Toronto was a big one not only for her family but also culturally and in terms of language.

A lover of travel, Luci's passion is travel and exploring. With her husband and two children she travels, skies and relaxes with a good book to balance her days making smiles look beautiful.

LUCIE FUN FACT: When she arrived in Toronto her English was almost nonexistent. " 'Open your mout' was all I knew how to say. I would not even pronounce the 'H' ". She picked up English quickly but not without a few embarrassing! faux pas along the way! Next time you are in need of a good scaling and a gentle hand, Lucie will delight you and send you off with a brightly coloured tooth brush and a heavily accented "Au revoir".


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