Wednesday, September 9, 2015


Squeezing the last few hours out of the summer, Lina and Danny have come to Harbourfront in Toronto to enjoy the day. 

Lina, born and raised in London, Ontario is an ophthalmic technician at Sunnybrook Hospital. Graduating from the University of Western Ontario in biology and psychology. When she is not looking into people's eyes or diagnosing, she exercises her other senses. She enjoys cooking and trying new recipes and styles of food. To balance all this, Lina likes to hit the gym to work out.

An electrical engineer born in Montreal, Quebec, Danny's work specializes in cell phone networks for the international company Ericsson. Based in Montreal, Danny travels a lot for work and is often sent to various countries to work on cell phone networks. When he is not traveling, he keeps his feet on the ground playing golf and working out.

LINA FUN FACT: Summoning up her courage, Lina, someone who loves to swim, took a leap of faith and jumped of a huge high rock wall into the river when she went white water rafting outside Ottawa, Ontario.

DANNY FUN FACT: Oddly enough, another white water rafting story. This on in Uganda when he was doing work in that country. Danny's group arrived at the river two hours late and missed their rafting experience. Not to worry though, Danny still had his thrill ride! Instead, he trusted the safety standards of the local outfitters and went for a bungee jump over the same river.


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