Tuesday, September 15, 2015


At under 5,000 square feet and atop the roof of Josh Broun's new restaurant, Impact Kitchen, one would never suspect this Toronto restaurant on King East to have over 60,000 employees!

This Toronto restaurant owner is opening the concept restaurant which focuses on healthy, locally grown foods where connections with farmers and producers is key. Walk into the eclectically and elegantly designed space, which will open later this month, and you will see the produce used in your meals, the fruits and vegetables that go into their fresh juices at the juice bar and a vast kitchen where field-to-plate is celebrated in show-all transparency.

After a baseball scholarship to the United States ended with an arm injury, Josh began his career as a Western University educated Health Science major. His path took him to working one-on-one with clients as their personal trainer. In addition to the physical training, Josh was teaching nutrition and lifestyle as part of a healthy lifestyle regimen. Josh was often be available for his clients as they travelled to the United States on business. It was on these trips that he began to see and take note of restaurants with the concept on which his own is modelled.

Together with a training client and now business partner, Frank, co-founder of MAC Cosmetics, Josh is realizing all the years of connections, training and education with Impact Kitchen. As their clearly stated food philosophy states, "Minimally Processed, Nutrient Rich, Real Food" is what they serve and what you can have in-house or in prepared meals to take home.

With New York trained Culinary Nutritionist, Stephanie Tucci keeping watch over the ingredients, preparation and nutrition, healthy food, locally grown is served to all regardless of your diet. Whether you are vegan or omnivore, the food is fresh, healthy, balanced and harvested close to home – that includes their 60,000 honey bees occupying three hives on the roof! The honey will be used daily in baking and as an ingredient in other meals and drinks.

Watch for their opening later this month at 573 King Street East in Toronto, just west of the Don Valley ( www.impactkitchen.ca ). As you enter the restaurant, pause and look up, you just may see some of those bees returning from all the flowers available a block away up the Don Valley ravine system.

JOSH FUN FACT: "I've run with the bulls in Pamplona, that's a good story," he says recounting his participation in the yearly race of mayhem through the twisting, cobbled streets in Spain. Following in his father's footsteps, Josh was one of the fortunate to survive the run, "You are running and you look behind you at six bulls, I couldn't stop, a lot of people get messed up, then you end up in a huge stadium with 20,000 people looking down at you. It's intense, an amazing experience".



  1. Brilliant concept! Wishing Josh, the bees and partners much deserved success!

  2. Josh has challenged himself to do many amazing things. This project is incredibly well thought out and he is truly dedicated to teaching about and presenting delicious food that's healthy, imaginative and attractive.

  3. Very impressed and wish I lived closer. Anxious to follow your success Josh!