Sunday, September 13, 2015


The town of Huntsville, Ontario is in good hands with Helena Renwick at the wheel, especially on this perfect day of the 13th annual antique and classic car show on the main street. 

Born in Calgary, Alberta, Helena lived in the western Canadian city until the family moved to Sarnia, Ontario when she was seven. Her Dutch parents moved the family east because her father, an employee for Imperial Oil was transferred to Ontario to continue work with Imperial Oil.

A move to Toronto for school brought out and developed her many creative sides. She attended York University, Ryerson University and the University of Toronto where she graduated with a Fine Arts degree in visual arts. After meeting her husband at university, she moved up to Huntsville in 1996 where she began their family and has thrived.

Currently the Executive Director of Huntsville BIA (Business Improvement Areas) she is also very active in the Huntsville Arts Society and the Huntsville Festival of the Arts. When she has a bit of down-time, she paints portraits. With her three children older now, she now has the time to continue her creative interests and has had a few small shows as well as picking up photography.

HELENA FUN FACT: "I have a great photo of me leaving the plane with a big smile on my face," she says recalling her sky diving experience. "It's one of the most magical things I have ever done. Once you're out of that plane it's very relaxing and exhilarating – I'd do it again"!


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