Thursday, September 17, 2015


At mid day, in the shadow of the 1853 St. James Cathedral and the pealing of the church bells in downtown Toronto, Hans and Chae enjoy a quiet lunch hour away from their computers.

Hans, from Busan, South Korea, known for its temples, beaches and mountains came to Toronto in 2004 by himself for school and work. He is an animator working not far from where they sit behind the church. His work has appeared in television series, films and commercials. A graduate of the Vancouver Film School, Hans has worked animation assignments in China, Turkey and Korea as well as at home in Toronto.

Seoul, capital of South Korea is Chae's hometown until 2013 when she landed in Canada without knowing any English. After one year at school, she was proficient and today her spoken English is flawless. Graduating from Centennial College in animation, she works with Hans at Arc Productions where she is involved in producing 3D character animation. "Its a secret! Next year you can check on TV and see it," she says smiling when asked about her current project. 

HANS' PROUD MOMENT: "I had an ordinary life," Hans says in his understated way when asked to think of something in his life that stands out. "I worked hard to get my portfolio. I worked in restaurants and everything. But the day I finished my portfolio, I got an animation job in Turkey. I am proud of that".

CHAE's MOST PROUD MOMENT: "Actually it just happened recently," she explains of the day she received two exciting pieces of news. "On this one day, I got this job and I also head from my school coordinator that I was getting and academic award for excellence! I had the highest GPA in my class"! "I felt amazing, I told my parents right away in Korea".


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  1. Wow this Chae sounds impressive. From not knowing English, to a few years later graduating top of her class and getting an animation job! What a remarkable person, she should be proud. These are the types of people Canada is built on, good for them.