Friday, September 18, 2015


First-time visitors to the city, but no strangers to world travel, Andre and Veri visit Toronto's City Hall from their home down in Argentina.

Both women work for ExxonMobil where they met. A friendship developed and they have both found they are great travel friends. Between them they have visited many places including the United States, France, Italy and Spain.

"The weather here is very beautiful, we are so lucky with the warmth," Veri says of the unseasonably warm temperatures Toronto has been enjoying this late in September.

TRAVELING FUN FACT: Once while traveling in Amsterdam, Andre had no luck in finding a hotel for the night. "Everything was full, no room anywhere. Someone told me to check Couchsurfing," explains Andre of her dubious thoughts of the popular online service offering up a spare couch for the night. "I found a guy who had a couch so I stayed there. It is a good service and does not cost anything, and he was a very nice man".


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