Wednesday, August 12, 2015


Spending their last high school summer relaxing and enjoying friends and family, Yanely Soriano and friend Windrick Maranan hang out in Underpass Park in Toronto's downtown east side. 

A student at St. Joseph's Collage in Toronto, Yanely looks beyond high school. "I want to study to be a marine biologist. I just like animals more than people," she says of what she would like to study. Smiling over to Windrick on his swing, she admits, "He's ok, for a human, but I won't be studying him in future courses."

Quiet and observant, Windrick laughs at the teasing, a gentle friendship that began in elementary school. Laid back with an easy smile, Windrick looks forward to a career in the culinary arts. Not far away is George Brown College where they offer an excellent programme. "I really like baking. When I was little, I used to like watching Cake Boss! I like those baking wars on TLC too". 

YANELY FUN FACT: "I went night swimming once. We snuck into a pool, hopping over the fence when I was in grade 9," she reveals of the night she and a friend went swimming at the Riverdale outdoor pool. "It was cool. The lights were off. Only the lights from the street were glowing into the water. It was really fun, but we were nervous about being caught".

WINDRICK FUN FACT: Nothing aquatic for Windrick, but a good tale of swine. "Once when I was visiting a friend's cottage, we went to a nearby farm and took one of their piglets at night," he says of their caper, still looking slightly nervous! "The next morning we returned the piglet to the farmers and they were relieved". Describing their evening with the pig, Windrick says they were curious about the animal and played with it. "We just fed it water. We didn't know what else a piglet eats"!


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