Thursday, August 27, 2015


Artist. Chef. Oenophile. The sensory trifecta that defines Wilson Smith, the transplanted Maritimer living and working in downtown Toronto.

Relatively new to this location, Wilson is the Store manager of the Wine Rack in the Corktown neighbourhood of Toronto. He has enjoyed 10 years with the company. When not serving clients or offering advice on which wines are best for a dinner party, oil painting is his passion. As well, his skills as a trained chef and host are celebrated by his friends. And his knowledge of wine and food parings is an art in itself. "My friends love when I bring my work home with me," Wilson says laughing of the wine he will choose for a dinner party he is hosting.

Originally from Sydney Mines, Nova Scotia, Wilson worked the hospitality industry in Halifax where chefs took him under their wing and trained him. All the while he painted landscapes and seascapes – things that are part of any die-hard Cape Bretoner. "I usually hold one show a year, so look for one in this store location sometime in the new year".

WILSON FUN FACT: Like any Maritimer, fun is an essential part of who they are. So natural is their spirit that they don't think its anything special. "I'm just known as the comedian wherever I go," Wilson says of his east coast upbringing. "I'm a Cape Bretoner and Newfoundlander, so I have lots of comedy inside me".


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