Friday, August 21, 2015


One of Toronto's most beautiful walking paths and places to escape the busy city is along the Don River. It is here that Tryphena and Kevin  Magoffin stop to have a late lunch by the river. 

Born in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Tryphena is a First Nations woman who came to Toronto in 2013, "I came to Toronto because I wanted to experience a different scenery and experience to try to change my life around," she says of her decision to leave her past behind.

Kevin, born in Barrie, Ontario is between jobs. He met Tryphena not long ago. Together they are traveling and exploring. They will go to Winnipeg together in a month. "It's going to be a new insight for me because I've never been out there," Kevin tells about his first trip to Winnipeg. This trip will reconnect Tryphena with her family and community and Kevin will be there for moral support.


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