Monday, August 17, 2015


Toronto natives, Thalia Godbout and her friend David Huynh pause to refresh at the Yonge and Dundas Square fountain to try to get some relief from the heat of the summer. High school students heading into grade 11, they are enjoying a summer off.

Thalia has been spending the summer preparing for, and attending some conventions. Foolishly, the Hello Project assumed these conventions were for school or other professional purposes. How wrong one can be! With laughs outnumbering spoken words, Thalia corrects the misconception. "Anime conventions! Yeah! I dress up in costumes. Laughter." She says of her love of dressing up as fictional characters. Asked what one would see if one were to open her closet, "Wigs, lots of wigs. Well over 20 wigs for my costumes. Laughter. 

In her spare time, Thalia like s to dress up and go to "cons". With a look of seriousness, Thalia says that if one were to call these events, "conventions", it would reveal them to be one who is not exactly into the scene. Word to live by!

David, more reserved, is interested in photography, specifically street photography. Ever since meeting Thalia he has begun to be sucked into black hole of her world of cons and anime. Thalia is laughing – almost uncontrollably. Splitting his time between cons and photography, David has been spending his summer relaxing and enjoying his friends.

THALIA FUN FACT: Laughing, she digs through her bag for a homemade card. "I have a Facebook card. You can find me there. Its a public page." Laughing. Thalia Thi is the Facebook page. Laughing. "I made a full body suite. Its a favourite. The character is Rei. It's on my Facebook page." 

DAVID FUN FACT: "People call me. Dumpling," he says of his nickname. I recently made a web page called Dumpling Photography. I don't know why people call me that," he says, also laughing. 


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