Sunday, August 9, 2015


Let's face it, the impression on has of Russians through film and other media, is that they are tough, resilient and not afraid of anything. Ok, it's a generalization, but for Svetlana Yanina, nothing could be farther from the truth. For her, one innocent, small and unthinkable thing will bring this woman to her knees!

Born in Moscow, Russia she came to Canada in 2009 as a visitor. She loved it here so much that she now calls Canada home. "Now it is 2015, and I'm still here and I love it," she says of the country and city that has adopted her. She is especially proud because she is now a Canadian citizen with a passport and a year's worth of museum and art gallery passes issued to her with her shiny new citizenship!

She recently left her job as a legal administrative assistant to pursue a career in freelance photography. She is an active member of the enthusiastic and active group, TorontoCLICKS. As well, she is often participating in other photo walks such as FujiTuesday, a dedicated group of urban photographers embracing the Fuji system for their work.

Fearless and good-natured, Svetlana will embrace anything and everything enthusiastically. Photographically, she will endure mosquito-filled nights, long distances and other discomforts to "get the shot" or to push her photographic abilities. However, there is a dark and looming spectre that can, if confronted with, will send her running in fear...

SVETLANA FEAR FACT: Her partner and close friends know the darkness that haunts Svetlana. This is potent knowledge and is used on occasion to keep her grounded or for sheer amusement! The Hello Project had never heard of this rare condition so we went to the one source that could shed light on the subject – Google! Sure enough, her condition is documented and is known as Ranidaphobia. The term does not exactly jump out at you, but the phobia does! It is the fear of frogs! Ribbbit!


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