Sunday, August 23, 2015


"It's actually a pretty long story," says Steven Poquiz of his eventual settling in Toronto. Born in Los Angeles, California to Filipino parents, his family moved to Saudi Arabia where his father worked. The family moved to Canada when he was nine years old. 

Being independent and with a thirst for adventure and experiences, he graduated from law school in Sydney, Australia after finishing his undergrad at the University of Toronto. He is soon opening Poquiz Law, his own law firm focusing on such issues as real estate, powers of attorney and wills. 

We met Steven down at the docks in Toronto with his bike, one of the ways he likes to keep fit and enjoy the summer while it lasts. "Nothing too out of the blue," he say of his spare time saying he spends time with his friends and family and his interest in electronic dance music.

STEVEN LIFE LESSON: "I met a woman recently that really changed my life for better of for worse. She opened up my eyes and taught me a lot of lessons about myself. It has been tough to learn, but has made me a better person". A young man who has led a life of looking after himself and his own interests discovers what it takes to make room in his heart for someone else. "She has taught me about being compassionate, caring and considerate of others. It has been a journey". 

His law firm is not open just yet, but with humility and an open heart & mind, he will be one who will offer good counsel to those who entrust themselves to him.


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