Tuesday, August 25, 2015


From living in Galway, Ireland for the past 13 years, Sinéad Boyle's life has literally gone to the dogs.

After working what would be a stressful job for nine years in Ireland, Sinéad took a two year sabbatical from work to come to Canada last October. In Ireland she was a Family Support Worker assisting adults with disabilities as well as working for child services. Sinéad arrived in Canada just in time for winter 10 months ago. What she found was surprising and a bit difficult - in the winter, people in Toronto mostly hibernate!

"I've always loved working with dogs, so I said, 'OK, I'll give this a go', and I love it," she says of working for thedogpark.ca in Leslieville and walking dogs. "I have a job with a lot of clients who make me feel very welcome in Toronto. And I'm working with dogs all day, so who could complain"! 

A self-professed foodie, Sinéad loves the restaurant scene in Toronto and all the cultural activities that go on in a multi-cultural city. Going to see films at TIFF, visiting the ROM and the AGO are other activities she enjoys without several dogs in tow. "Last night I was at a movie in Christie Pits," she says of one of the cool things to do in the city.

"I spotted a RUSH album at the side of the road at a garage sale. Yup, I'll have that for three bucks! That's Toronto for me"!

SINÉAD FUN FACT #1: "I went to Montreal once and stayed in a converted brothel," she says laughing of the unique guest house while touring the city. "You really felt like you were waiting for a gentleman caller there"!

SINÉAD FUN FACT #2: Sinéad recalls seeing TV commercial for oatmeal being filmed on the streets. "I went up and made them put me in the advert," she says laughing, "I was like, 'I'm Irish, you have to put me in the commercial – I love porridge' !"


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