Friday, August 14, 2015


All smiles and effervescent, Shaunda Ryan is one of the thousands of support staff working behind the finish lines of the Toronto Pan Am games.

Originally from Saint Vincent, Shaunda came to Canada at the age of 10 when her father sponsored her in 2004 for better opportunities and education. She has finished Hospitality Management at Seneca College and is thinking she may change and go into a medical profession next. "I just know I want to go into the medical field, maybe a nurse," she says considering all options. But for now she is taking the summer to decide while keeping athletes rooms clean, fresh and welcoming after a day of competition.

SHAUNDA FUN FACT: Many of the athletes she meets on her rounds ask if she speaks Spanish. The Cuban team members, knowing Shaunda does not speak Spanish have animated conversations with her all through Google's translation software. Where there is a will, there is a language. Breathless, she runs for her bus to head home.


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