Saturday, August 8, 2015


With a warm and radiant smile Robin Stevenson is most at home with the city as her backdrop. A Toronto-born journalist, she is doing what she loves – interviewing and telling the stories of others.

A student of history, but knowing there was little practical application for such a degree, the Western University-educated Robin eventually chose another path. A much loved career journalist for the Toronto Star, Robin's uncle, George Gamester, inspired her new direction. "He always had the most interesting job of anyone I knew. He is absolutely the inspiration for what I'm doing now," she says of "uncle George". Following her heart, she entered the Ryerson journalism programme.

Robin is currently a freelance writer and editor who, like many in print has been recently "restructured". Most recently she worked at Canadian Living magazine, was an editor at Canadian Family magazine and also an editor at Tribute magazine. "I've been in the business a long time," she says looking back over her accomplishments.

Enjoying the summer with her family, she is off momentarily to take the ferry to the Toronto islands, "This summer I'm exploring my city."

A digital journalist professionally, working to deadlines, she still loves the experience of the printed pages of magazines and newspapers. "I just love the smell of the paper when I read". She is raising her daughter with the same love of reading. Routinely they go to the library where they can actually put their name on a list to request a book, with pages, be put aside for future reading!

ROBIN FUN FACT: "I have an odd assortment of things my mom collected for me, marking the first man to walk on the moon," she says of the same historic week she also was born in 1969. " I have newspapers, magazines, glasses, medallions, odds & ends commemorating the landing". Everything is in a box at home. "I't just kind of cool," she says smiling at her charming connection with American astronaut, Neil Armstrong.


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