Thursday, August 6, 2015


"This is a great place to watch people," Paul says as he watches from the metal chair and table in the middle of the Distillery District in Toronto's downtown east.

Born in Fredericton, New Brunswick, Paul came to Ontario in 1986 for art and design at Sheridan College. As so many people have done, Paul is on a second career that he loves. He is owner and certified instructor at PB Kiteboarding ( ). His passion for the sport of kiteboarding and snow kiting flows when he speaks about it.

"I have people who get into it and the sport changes their lives. It makes them healthier and happier – thats the best part of it." Paul has a loyal clientele and services each client with individual care, service and instruction when needed. 

If you have ever seen people race along the water in Toronto on a board, pulled by a gracefully curved wing-shaped kite, chances are Paul has inspired them. In the winter, the sport continues as snow kiting and can be found north of Toronto, on Lake Simcoe where Paul also instructs.

PAUL FUN FACT: "I guess I can say that out of a city of 5 million people, I'm the only one who does this for a living full time," he says laughing and proud of  his past 12 years in the kiting business. "My focus is on the experience – focusing on the customer. In one case a customer's cholesterol dropped dramatically because he was getting out more and is happier and healthy."


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