Monday, August 24, 2015


Two ladies out enjoying the warm afternoon with a band playing in the background. That is how we found Mariam and mom, Binta at the Yonge Dundas Square in Toronto.

From the west African nation of Mauritania, Binta Tandia came to Toronto 10 years ago to study finance at Ryerson University, just up the road from where this image was photographed. Today she is an investment policy specialist for CI Investments. 

Mariam is three and a half years old, fun and is a happy kid! "She likes to think she is a princess. Look at her dress, she thinks she is Cinderella today"! Mariam goes back to preschool soon and back with lots of her friends. Living near the Yonge Dundas Square, she enjoys visiting the Square and listing to music, watching Disney films, biking and going to ballet to dance.

"My life is her now because my husband lives in Paris, France. He comes back every three months," Binta says of their long-distance situation at the moment. Having only limited holiday time, its been a while since she and Mariam flew the other way – to Paris. Binta still has family in Mauritania and her mom lives nearby in Senegal.

MARIAM & BINTA FUN FACT: "I went in an airplane," Mariam quickly says about something really special – the last time she flew to France to see her dad. Together they have fun exploring the city and for mom, it is fun to explore the city through the eyes of a curious child.


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