Sunday, August 2, 2015


To say he is a talented musician is a narrowly defined understatement. A Canadian music pioneer and trailblazer begins to fill out the dynamic personality and motivational charisma that is Maestro Fresh Wes.

Born in Toronto, Wesley Williams, better known as Maestro is a hip hop artist, actor, producer and motivational speaker among other accolades. Maestro enjoys the revered status given to him as the Canadian Godfather of Hip Hop in Canada. Whether you are familiar with his music or not, his universally iconic hit, Let Your Backbone Slide enjoys anthem status.

Beyond his musical career, Wesley, credited as Wes Williams, plays Paul Dwyer in the current CBC television series, Mr. D., currently in its 5th season.  He has also had roles in other series such as Metropia and Blue Murder as well as roles in the films Get Rich or Die Tryin' and Four Brothers.

Yesterday he was in Bracebridge, Ontario as special MC for the Muskoka Beer Festival organized by the Griffin Gastropub. The crowd ranging from post pubescent late teens to aging boomers and grandparents all came to enjoy the range of craft beers on offer and to enjoy the live music. As MC, Maestro whipped all the fans into a frenzy with his unexpected Let Your Backbone Slide and other monster hit, Drop The Needle. One older, silver hair Lion's Club volunteer serving hotdogs had the moves down as he rhythmically rocked to the lyrics of Backbone while serving!

When not on stage, the soft-spoken Wes takes time away from the volume to be with his family. Emerging from the inflated bouncy castle, he shakes shakes head marvelling at the energy of the kids after a long day!


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