Saturday, August 22, 2015


There is no way the main street of Canada's largest city would close down for vendors, but here in Huntsville, Ontario a few times over the summer it does. Life in smaller communities is rich and colourful. Neighbours stroll the street with coffee and fresh baked goods chatting with people they have not seen for a while. It is an intimate and connecting day for small-town Ontario.

On a perfect hot sunny day Kristen Long, 25, of the Muskoka Dance Academy spends the day introducing children, big and small, to the fun of aerial silk. You may have seen similar acrobatics at Cirque du Soleil. This is it on a smaller scale in the middle of the main street, but no less filled with potential along the 20 foot lengths of silk.

Of the aerial silks, Kirsten explains, "I first saw them when I went to Vegas. I was intrigued with how strong they were and how fast they were doing these acrobatic moves. I wanted to try that too". She enrolled in classes at the Toronto Circus Arts and has been taking lessons for several years. She now teaches these skills to children pointing out that it is also a full body workout as well as something special and artistic.

Kristen teaches much more than the the aerial silks. The school teaches all forms of dance at their studio in Huntsville ontario.

KRISTEN FUN FACT: A 17 year old student, who has trained on the aerial silks was executing a sequence upside down and got herself completely entangled and could not get out of it. After they had a bit of a laugh, Kristen had to unwind the spiderweb of fabric and the student flopped to the ground remembering the part where she went wrong – with a smile!


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