Saturday, August 29, 2015


Sometimes you just meet a few young people and come away thinking that the world is in good hands. Such is the case with Keisha Mayenge and Erving Dejong.

At the age of two, Keisha's parents moved to Canada from Belgium. Currently she is considering her options and has a few directions she would like to pursue. A career in the medical field is one direction that appeals to the 19 year old, but it is a huge commitment of time and energy and she wants to truly know it is the right decision before putting all her passions and energy into that path.

Health and fitness is a big part of her life and may contribute to the career she is considering. Really into sports, she has been active in volleyball, gymnastics, soccer and track and field. "I like to feel good physically with exercise, I feel its really important," Keisha says and knows that this can be turned into a profession.

Born in French Guiana, 22 year old Erving moved to Canada with his father as a young boy for the first year before returning for the rest of the family. Better job opportunities in Canada was the reason his father headed north. Coming from a creative family, it is not surprising that he too expressing himself visually. Unlike others in his family who paint, draw and sculpt, Erving has embraced the camera as his form of self expression. 

Erving, a true entrepreneur found that by photographing himself wearing the clothing lines of international brands, he would then be called upon to shoot more of their product and thus build his business and his urban portraits on Instagram. Going by the Instagram name, @thebrightesthour Erving is on his way and loving being behind the camera.

ERVING FUN FACT: "I used to be into roof topping," he says of his interest in combining his interest in photography and seeking some thrills. Recognizing this is risky and could restrict his options if he was ever caught, he has put that behind him and creates his visions at street level!

KEISHA COOL FACT: "I once tried saving a man's life," she explains of her experience administering CPR to a man in his car. She noticed a man who appeared to be sleeping in his car when she went into a mall to shop. 45 minutes later, she left the mall only to see the man in the same position. Being guided on her cell phone by dispatchers, she lay the man down in his car and administered CPR but unfortunately the man had already likely died of a heart attack. For her efforts and help, she received a commendation from the police and even a letter from the Queen! She now volunteers with dispatchers.


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