Monday, August 3, 2015


Taking in the view ahead of what would become a pounding rain storm, Issac Ali and his wife Zainab enjoy Lions Lookout in Huntsville, Ontario, a town in the Muskoka region.

Proud Somali-Canadians, Issac and Zainab live in Oakville, Ontario, west of Toronto. Issac used to teach at Humber College and do consulting work. They have a cottage in the area and love to spend time absorbing the natural beauty in the area and nature. Hiking, swimming and pick-up games soccer with friends is what Issac enjoys.

A child welfare social worker, Zainab's smile and warmth are infectious as she speaks of the work she does in Toronto. For 19 years her family has enjoyed the Muskoka area and the relaxing pace of life in the region.

ISSAC FUN FACT: "There is nothing more fun than having a good game of soccer," he says of the way he best enjoys time with his friends and children. "Especially being brought up in Africa, it's the only sport where you didn't have to have any special gear," Zainab says with a smile.

ZAINAB FUN FACT: "I used to be part of the Rangers and Girl Guides club in Kenya, I really enjoyed that," Zainab says of the activities and outdoor experiences she had. The love of outdoors and appreciation of nature continues to today standing at the lookout overlooking Fairy Lake.


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