Tuesday, August 4, 2015


Sitting in the sticky heat of a Beijing night under a few spindly tress in a trendy artist district, Danni Xi talks of dreams, aspirations and exhibits yet to launch. She is a highly regarded and talented artist based in Beijing, China. Her artistic talents have taken her beyond China to locations in the United States and Finland. 

Danni has an eclectic studio in Beijing where she works, transforming field sketches and other sources of inspiration into paintings, collages and other mixed media pieces. The studio is small but filled with music, friends and many works of art in progress.

With other artists, she meets to socialize, exchange ideas and support each other's exhibits in the various art districts in Beijing. Life in Beijing is big, bold, colourful and vibrant. Her inspirations come from the hutongs, street life and ordinary life happening in the shadows of this enormous city.

We meet at a gallery in the Caochangdi art district. This is one of Beijing's cool art districts, hosting multiple galleries and studios. The area, designed by Ai Weiwei is a maze of red brick walled alleys. Attending a friend's exhibit, we meet many artists before heading out for the afternoon with the promise of meeting up at night to meet more of China's rapidly growing avant-garde  creators.

DANNI FUN FACT: She lived in a big white house in Fayette, Iowa for several months as a guest artist at the Upper Iowa University. Not having a car, she bought a $10 bicycle and would often be seen traveling large distances along cornfield-lined roads for inspiration!


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