Saturday, August 1, 2015


Cindy Lloyd is remarkable. Not just because she willingly posing in her backyard pool for this photo – fully clothed and without hesitation!

A Toronto native, Cindy's family moved to the nearby bedroom community of Brampton, northwest of the city, when the smell of hay sweetened the air and farm fields outnumbered housing developments. After a move to Oakville as a teenager she felt culture shock, "It was like moving to a different planet because Brampton was multi-cultural – even back then," Cindy recalls of her move to the lakefront city west of Toronto.

Cindy's long and distinguished career at the Toronto Star began in grade 13 with a job calling subscribers to ask if they were satisfied with the newspaper's home delivery, "It was truly a customer service call, we weren't selling anything." It was her first experience working with clients.

Being accepted into Guelph University for teaching, Cindy's life path changed after trusted friends and mentors told her that she would graduate into a field where no jobs would be available. Taking a year off to decide her future, she continued working at the Star where she stayed and worked her way into the advertising department. Working full-time at the newspaper, plus taking night school courses in advertising at Sheridan College, Cindy found her passion. 

A woman who grew up with a father coaching her in hockey, Cindy was not afraid  to tough it out on the ice or tackle the often brutal arena of high level sales and advertising. Cindy was in her element and gained respect, trust and success, bringing in millions in advertising revenue for the paper.

Retiring early from the paper and ready for a change, Cindy exchanged her tiny downtown Toronto home and life for lush acreage north of the city and working for a small independent company. She feels she is at the point in her life where giving back is more important. She is involved in local groups, tends her garden and has even begun to tend to bees! A huge change from the frenetic pace of snarled traffic and punishing deadlines.

A few years ago, after volunteering in the Dominican Republic, building homes in a very poor neighbourhood, Cindy's life began to be re-defined. She is happy. She is energetic and she is still wishing to create and give back to her community. 

CINDY FUN FACT: Without a second to think, "I played hockey with Cassie Campbell who went on to be captain of the Canadian women's hockey team," she says of her long-time friend and team mate growing up. She still takes to the ice and is proud of the fact her daughter has also strapped on hockey skates.


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