Friday, August 7, 2015


Enjoying the waning hours of afternoon sun on the lawn at the Shops at Don Mills, friends Avila Sanchez and Trey Larmond talk about their summer, their school and their aspirations.

Avila, a Toronto native has enjoyed a busy summer of travel and relaxing thus far! With her family, she has spent time in the Muskoka region of Ontario at a sprawling resort, spent time in Ottawa visiting her grandmother and then Montreal. The summer is just half over and looking ahead she will just hang out with friends and looks forward to returning to high school in the Don Mills area.

Don Mills Collegiate offers a programme called Cyber Arts which Avila is looking forward to taking. It combines her interests in art and science. She is on the right path to what she sees as a career choice at this point, that of a scientific illustrator. The University of Toronto's biomedical illustration programme she is considering would take her to her goal along with an undergraduate degree in biology.

Trey, a thoughtful guy with watchful eyes has been enjoying his summer here in the city spending time with friends. "For the summer, I have been taking life one day at a time, just enjoying everything that I can," he says of one of the last non-working summers he'll enjoy. Also interested in art, Trey came into Don Mills enjoying animation and though he has now dropped it, he also took the cyber arts programme.

AVILA FUN FACT: Trying to come up with something interesting about herself,  "I have a bunch of lame ones for you..." she says before settling on one. "I speak three languages," Avila is proud to say. Spanish from her dad's side, English and she is fluently French because she started school in French immersion in senior kindergarten.  At home the family speaks English and about 30% Spanish.

TREY FUN FACT: "My parents are both from Jamaica though I've never been there" he says of his travels thus far. Without a real interest in visiting Jamaica, Trey says, "I'm kind of a picky eater. My parents say if they took me to Jamaica I'd probably starve!" Asked what his favourite food is, considering the wide range of Caribbean alternatives, he opts for the ubiquitous student staple, pizza! "I really enjoy a nice pepperoni pizza," he says laughing!


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