Monday, August 31, 2015


"We are just so lucky to have this lake here. It keeps me grounded every day," says local Beach resident, Audrey Robertson as she looks past Toronto's boardwalk to Lake Ontario. 

Born not far from here, Audrey's family moved east to Pickering while she grew up. Leaving home, she returned to her roots along Toronto's waterfront where she comes to walk and revel in the beauty of a simple sunset each morning.

In technology sales, specifically sim cards for a French company, Audrey works from home. Having attended Queen's University for biology, then art history, she laughs at the circuitous route that brought her to working in the tech industry. Recalling a job at Microsoft, "You know, my biology and art history degree were very good for the computer industry," she laughs sarcastically at the how strange life can be!

Other interests that keep her occupied and balanced are reading, going to films and cooking. "I like to try all sorts of new recipes. The odd time I bake, but mostly cooking."

AUDREY FUN FACT: "I've gone on stage many times either to play an instrument or to dance," she says, laughing at the concerts she has attended and was so moved by the music, she thought she should contribute! "I was in New Orleans once. I went on stage and played a washboard. They took it pretty well," she recalls of her French Quarter debut. We understand adult beverages were also involved in those scenarios!


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