Wednesday, August 5, 2015


Towards the end of a warm sunny day, Chilean wheelchair rugby player, Andres Guerra, heads back to the Pan Pam Athlete's Village after exploring the nearby Distillery District.

From his home in Santiago, the capital of Chile, Andres is over 8,600 kilometres north east here in Toronto. Arriving on August 1st, he will train and prepare for his first game on August 8th.

Andres is relatively new to competitive rugby, having only been playing for a year. The wheelchair rugby national team is three years old and they are hoping to make a big show of their skills when they compete on the 8th. This is Andres' first international competition though he trains in Argentina and Brazil. 

As we speak, two others athletes from the 58-strong Chilean national team roll by, taking this free day to explore their temporary neighbourhood. "More than 70 million people in my country," Andres says laughing of the high population of his small country compared to Canada's relative emptiness with less than half the people. "I love this country, it's beautiful. Beautiful people."


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