Friday, July 3, 2015


Yuka Kawagoe and friend Rocky eventually find one another along the crowded waterfront this evening in Toronto. Hundreds of people have come to stroll, dine and take in the sights. It is a perfect early summer evening.

A language student, Yuka is from Japan and is just finished her six month English course. Her friend Rocky, born in Toronto, is a chef at a seafood restaurant called Fresh of the Boat, "Just like me! No, I'm just kidding," Rocky say jokingly of the restaurant where he has been working since it opened last October.

When not working as a chef, Rocky sails. "I love sailing. I don't have a licence to sail, I like to find someone with a licence to sail!" In addition, they enjoy fishing and hiking. Rocky is an adventurous person and is obviously very strong and fit - perfect for his backcountry exploring and swimming. He loves Tobermory where he braved the frigid waters and swam through the tunnel into the epically beautiful grotto at Bruce Peninsula National Park in Ontario.

ROCY FUN FACT: With a nod to his adventurous side, Rocky recalls the time he travelled Vietnam alone. "I just like travelling by myself," he says of his exploring the remote villages and rivers of the country. One can communicate with others even if you do not know the language but have an open mind and personality.


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