Saturday, July 4, 2015


"Older than you think! I'm 65," he says of his age behind the cool shades he wears sitting low in his recumbent bike. Wayne Fong, born in Canton, China came to Canada when he was five years old to join his father who was already here. After arriving, and over time, Wayne became the big brother to three sisters.

Three miles from the Trenton airforce base in Ontario, the Fongs ran a Chinese restaurant. In the 1970s, the family moved to Toronto where Wayne went to the University of Toronto for computer science. After graduation, Wayne worked in computer science for General Foods (now part of Kraft/General Foods). 

"Ive been retired many years, and I'm trying to keep in shape," he laughs as he thinks back on the times he was working for a living.

Pictured here, Wayne can often be found cruising in his easy-rider style, recumbent bike. "It's perfect for me because I have problems balancing a two-wheeler, so on a three wheeler, it's perfect," he describes of his GreenSpeed, Australian bike. "It's like a lawn chair on wheels!"

WAYNE FUN FACT: Typical of many, Wayne professes to be a really boring guy. But pressed, he reveals he became a huge airplane fan when he came to Canada in the 1950s on a DC-4 (produced from 1942-1947). Since arriving in Canada, wherever he travels he makes a point of visiting a local hobby shop to check out their airplane models and other models no available in Canada.


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