Thursday, July 23, 2015


Since her birth in Winnipeg, Manitoba, 74 years ago, the energetic Sylvia Gethons-Green has been on the road. Her dad moved around a lot while she was growing up, and as a nurse she has worked in many locations around Ontario over the past 40+ years. Asked if she is retired, "I haven't! In fact there's a job coming up soon, but I'm just doing odd jobs now," she says with a smile of someone who is restless and cannot imagine settling down!

In a parking lot of a Canadian Tire store, space has been set aside for a small group of eclectic classic car collectors and their vehicles. The 1957 Larkspur blue Chevrolet 210 is one of Sylvia's treasures. Her other vintage vehicle is a Ford 1934 ton and a half truck with wood side rails which used to belong to her father.

Sylvia fell in love with this car and bought it in the late 1970s, it still has its original paint work. When she was 16 years old, this model was cruising the roads in style. At $2,174, one could have bought this for less than the price of a laptop today! And unlike a laptop, the 6-cylinder Blue Flame engine still runs decades later. For those who geek out at numbers, there were 260,401 of these classics that rolled off the line at General Motors.

SYLVIA FUN FACT: With a beautiful classic smile herself, Sylvia is proud to say she's headed down to the Elvis festival in Collingwood – again this year. "We don't even reserve now. They just save us a spot! They know the car," Sylvia says of their frequent appearances at the Elvis festival. She is headed there this weekend.


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  1. What a great story. Sylvia may be 74 but she doesn't sound like it.