Sunday, July 19, 2015


A job, a career and a calling that few will experience. Ravi Verdi stands in the shade of an historic building at the Distillery District keeping watch over hundreds of people as they enjoy the day's activities nearby. 

The athlete's village of the Pan Am Games is only metres away and a police presence is welcomed and reassuring to those who live in the area. Ravi's quick smile and friendly personality are appreciated by passers by and other colleagues from neighbouring detachments.

Born in Toronto, Ravi, like many others in the police services began their careers in completely unrelated fields. Ravi went to school studying biology before he moved into the area of policing. From Toronto's 53 Division, Ravi has been a police officer for 10 years. "The variety of things you can do and run into on a given day," Ravi says of the reasons he enjoys what he does. 

In his off time, Ravi enjoys sports and spending time with family. Asked about a fun fact, as in other posts, he is stumped and searches for something. Its a hard thing to think of when one is not expecting the question. 

RAVI FUN FACT: "I'm 36  years old but I feel like I'm 16, how's that?" he says searching for something to say. With that he waves goodbye and reaches for a chilled bottle of water to cool down on this very hot day. 


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