Wednesday, July 8, 2015


Surrounded by Russia as well as bordering the northwest of China and a few other 'stans, is the large country of Kazakhstan where Olga Anissimova is from. Almaty, it's former capital, is the city that Olga, her husband and two young children left for a better life in Canada 11 years ago.

Under the thick canopy of the trees in Berczy Park in downtown Toronto, Olga manages to keep dry from the rain, enjoying some fresh air during a break from work. She is a residential mortgage underwriter for CIBC (Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce) in an office not far from away.

"I try to go dancing once in a while. I'm taking dancing lessons now, mostly salsa," Olga says of the activities she enjoys when not at the office or looking after two teenage girls.

OLGA FACT: "My wildest thing was to come here – to come to Canada. It took a lot of adjustments," she explains, detailing her big decision to leave her home country and family. Adjusting to a new culture, expectations and traditions was a big adjustment, but the are happy and return to visit family occasionally. 


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