Sunday, July 12, 2015


Not knowing these beautiful woods and waterfalls were here, both Nancy Wickstead and friend Ben Lubberts sit and enjoy the spectacular views above the water falls with the water rushing by just inches away.

Nancy, a teller at Money Mart for eight years in Timmins, Ontario loves to be outside enjoying nature and exploring new places. “I love being outside, outdoors, exploring. Thats what I’m all about in the summer,” Nancy says, explaining how she likes to spend her time when not working.

Born in a different version of paradise, Ben was originally from Saint Maartin in the Caribbean. At the age of six he and his mother moved to Timmins where his mother is originally from. Ben is a mechanic for Timmins Expert, a Freightliner dealer. In an area of the province where transport trucks are vital to keeping goods and economy moving, Ben is involved with maintenance, diagnosis and repair of Frieghtliner rigs.

Ben has a love for motocross dirt bike riding as well as spending time with his two children. Only seeing each other for a year now, Nancy is a rock. “Nancy is always willing to help me. I found a good girl who’s always there to support me,” Ben says proudly as Nancy smiles.

NANCY & BEN FUN FACT: Together, the have discovered this location on a trip back home from visiting family in Toronto. This is something fun they both love to do together - discovering special places.


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