Tuesday, July 7, 2015


It was a visit to Toronto to see his cousin in 2001 that convinced Willard Ncube to stay longer. Will enjoyed the city and the country so much he decided to live here permanently, leaving his home behind in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe. 

Taking computer programming in school, Will now works in information technology as a computer analyst for a local company.

An outdoors guy, Will loves to ride his bike which is also his main mode of transportation living in downtown Toronto. He also enjoys road trips, walking, "Anything that involves me being outside – I live outside," he says laughing and looking about at the beautiful day where he sits waiting for a friend at the Distillery District in downtown Toronto.

WILL INTERESTING FACT: When Will came to Canada, he felt people could not understand him even though he could understood everyone else! He often had to repeat himself, even still today with a beautiful but still heavy accent. "When you come from a place like Zimbabwe, everyone is black. All of a sudden, you come to Canada and you feel like you stand out," Will says of some of the feelings he had when he moved to Canada. 

"Canada has been great to me. I love the peace and the tranquility here," Will says of one of the main reason he moved. "Zimbabwe was unstable then, still is now".


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