Monday, July 13, 2015


Returning home for a visit and taking in the classic boat show in Gravenhurst, JD Gilmour is happy to be visiting friends and family in northern Ontario again.

Having studied psychology and recently graduating from the University of Prince Edward Island, JD is excited to begin a new job in August. JD will be working as a case coordinator for the Workman's Compensation Board of P.E.I. He will be working with clients how have been off work due to disability and trying to get back to work. 

Not a fellow to just sit around, JD has been a professional figure skater and is also a professional coach for Skate Canada. Off the ice, he trains horses for racing and riding.

In Prince Edward Island, JD has a unique way of feeling connected to life back home in Muskoka. Every day, JD follows online and on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to keep tabs on breaking news, events and traffic, "I especially like to hear the moose vs car reports - that really makes me feel like I'm back home," he laughs in appreciation for the 247 news service.

Before returning to Prince Edward Island, JD savours the last of his time in Muskoka, including taking in the boat show, "Kinda my favourite place in the whole world," he says watching the boats on the water and people enjoying a perfect sunny day in cottage country.

JD FUN FACT: At the age of seven, JD beat the captain of the RMS Segwun steamship at a game of trivia. As the reward, the captain allowed JD to steer  the ship past the family cottage, a distance he figured that took about 10 minutes. 


The RMS Segwun at the dock in the early morning

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