Friday, July 10, 2015


Three friends from Cambridge, Ontario stop in Muskoka to buy supplies and get ready for a few days of riding in a beautiful part of the province.

Of the three men, Rick Moyer who works in the construction industry, is the only one raised in Cambridge where he also works. 

Barry Kent, originally from Bell Island, Newfoundland has been living in Cambridge for the past 40 years. Retired now, Barry was a maintenance electrician. 

North of St. John's Newfoundland, and fairly remote given the breadth of Canada, the tiny island of Bell Island is also where Wayne Peddle, a shipper, is from. Astonishingly, he only met fellow biker, Barry in Cambridge, Ontario! Somewhere there will be a bookie working out the odds on that one!

FRIEND FUN FACTS: Pre-warned to think of a fun fact, the three men shuffle their feet, heads down thinking... Wayne sheepishly puts out there that he once walked through a screen door and left it at that with a chuckle. Not exactly a defining moment in one's life, but made more fun when his Bell Island buddy chimed in, "I can better that! Twice I tried to walk through a glass door. The windows were that clean," Barry admits to the teasing laughter of his friends.

With that, these three tough teddybears were on their way to enjoy the open road, on their huge bikes weighing in between 750-900 pounds.


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