Wednesday, July 1, 2015


A bit of a departure today for the Hello Project... Sorry, I could not help the pun, as today is also the day Mike departs for an exciting life in Vienna with his girlfriend, who will be teaching there. 

Mike Clegg is well known to the Toronto photo community as an affable and helpful guy with a great British accent, his cap and his smile. He was featured earlier in The Hello Project on April 12 where he was photographed with his suitcase in one of the ravines in Toronto. He chose that prop because it added to the visual narrative of who this explorer and traveller is.

Mike also helped out in yesterday's post of Ally Kamino in her gallery in Kensington Market. Mike lay on the floor, just out of the shot and below the window. He was holding the strobe that lit Ally give the look of her being a work of art (which she is) in her own gallery.

Today is Canada Day. But fittingly, and for those old enough to know its prior name, today is Dominion Day which was in reference to the Dominion of Canada and our position as being one of the British colonies. So there is a poignant synergy that Mike Clegg is leaving us on Dominion Day. We look forward to his yearly visit. Bon voyage, Mike and we will all be watching for your images as you travel about Europe. 

To see more of Mike's work, please see his Instagram feed:  @MikeCleggPhoto


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