Monday, July 6, 2015


His large handsome boat, bobbing like a cork from the waves of other passing swiftly, is eventually secured, Frank Evans can relax and enjoy the afternoon along Toronto's Corus Quay.

With a broad smile and a welcoming wave, we join Frank on his boat, a place of refuge for him, comfortable, spacious and down below, a home away from home. Frank, now retired six years has lead an interesting life and is proud of his five grown children who have each achieved great success.

Born in Ottawa, Ontario, Frank owned his own sales agency. Prior to that he helped develop Toys "R" Us around the world. Convincing the American owner of Toys "R" Us to expand into Canada, Frank and a partner began to train people, expanding the operation internationally beginning with Germany and England.

After working with Toys "R" Us for nine years, Frank opened his own agency producing goods which he in turn sold back to Toys "R" Us and other large companies such as Canadian Tire, Costco and Sears.

He owns a home in Costa Rica as well as renting out others he owns. He travels where and when the weather is favourable avoiding the harsh winters in Canada. "When the weather turns a little less than awesome, I get the heck out of here," he says of his migratory trips south to live for a while.

FRANK FACT: Frank and his wife loved to travel and explore together. One one occasion, they were privileged to join a team and visit the lands and indigenous people of the Sierra Nevada in South America early on before access was restricted.


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